...in non-toxic water color!


It all started when...

I found out I was pregnant. I usually paint in oils but quickly found out that painting in water color would be healthier for myself as well as for the baby. I went to the arts and crafts store and bought a full set of water colors and got started!

I started out with my first one, creating a herd of horses and later painted a family of sea turtles - always including some hearts and babies. 

No matter if you wish your dog to be painted as a puppy, or if you or your baby just love baby animals, the options are unlimited.

You can also decide on what material and paints you wish for your custom painting. Water color, mixed media and oils are available.
Usually watercolor paintings dry quicker and won’t require a full week until its ready.

Feel free to contact me with any special requests. Stay tuned for more to follow.