Let’s meet up first! (If possible)

Susanne will try to meet with the owner and the pet before the drawing and painting process starts.
“I like to meet the animal ‘in person’ to read characteristics, catch details and just get to know the pet. Every animal is unique, so meeting him or her makes it a lot easier to paint them on a canvas.”
If the pet lives too far away for a visit, the owner needs to submit plenty of pictures with lots of details, and definitely a full body and a head shot!

Or maybe you have a favorite picture and want it to be painted the exact same way.


Its decision time!

Now it’s on you: You make a decision on size, what kind of canvas, and in what position your pet or horse should get painted. It can be in action, just sitting or just doing what they typically do. It is completely up to you!
Also, don’t forget to pick a background color and if you would like your pet’s name included.


The first pencil drawings start!

Now its time to bring the first lines on the canvas and let the animal become alive in oil.
Once the pencil drawing is done, the owner gets a “first peek” to see if they like the draft.
Changes can still be made, but only regarding shape or where the name should be placed.


Time for color…

This part will take the longest. Be prepared that this will take its time. Several layers have to be applied and certain days it just needs to dry in between.  Whenever you wish, you can request a quick look or you can just let yourself get surprised.
For each and every painting, only the best oil colors will be used and brushes replaced to guarantee the highest material standards.


Dry time! It is almost done!

All what is left is setting the artist’s signature. Susanne signs all of her pieces in her maiden name “Haala”.
The actual dry time depends on the layers and colors used. Usually it takes between 10 to 14 days.
“Some customers ask if it goes quicker with a hair dryer,” Susanne says. “Lets not discuss this any further ;)”


Yay it’s done!! Time for delivery.

If you happen to live close by where Susanne finishes the painting, she will deliver it to where you live. In person.
Susanne thinks that for her, the best part  is when the owner unwraps the canvas with their beloved pet or horse!

If you live too far away, Susanne will mail it to you. Please inquire about shipping costs to your state or country.