Susanne grew up in a little coastal town on the Baltic Sea in Timmendorfer Strand, Germany. Horses, dogs and other animals have been a passion since early childhood.

Her current horse is named Sam, a black and white Pinto from Lake Tahoe in Nevada.

The relationship between the two has taught Susanne how unique and precious a relationship can be between a human and an animal. But not only have these impressive animals fascinated her, also the characteristics and expressions of her dogs made Susanne start drawing and trying to capture their unique aura.

Susanne signs her oil paintings in her maiden name S."Haala". She has sold and displayed her artwork in Europe, South America and all over the United States. 

In her High School years Susanne started painting and drawing various landscapes and animals. Mostly just in oil pastels, capturing the colors, lighting and the simple beauty of nature.

During college, Susanne became more interested in oil painting and took art classes with Ned Jacob at the Scottsdale Artist School in Arizona. Today she paints mostly in oil colors, but also enjoys using oil pastels and watercolor.

Today Susanne lives with her husband and her 2-year-old daughter in the beautiful State of Georgia, after living in Hawaii for more than 6 years.